Learn at your own pace

Each week, a set of new learning assets are put online: videos, quizzes and activities. There are no set times. Everyone is free to work whenever and wherever they want.

The weekly virtual class is the only rendez-vous, but you can post your questions in advance and view this live session in replay, as well other video lectures throughout the course.

Exchange with peers and faculty

The forum is open during the entire course and during the exam preparation time. This is the ideal place to ask your questions, start and fuel debates.

Teamwork and meetup sessions are actively encouraged. Once the course has started, we will put you in contact with other participants in the same city or region.


Case studies: real life examples, exercices, case studies provide a unique opportunity to ‘learn-by-doing’.

Useful documents
ICCF @ HEC Paris detailed program (in French):
Strategy @ HEC Paris detailed program:

HEC Paris Executive Community

On successing at the final exam, you will join HEC Paris Executive Community.

HEC Paris Executive Community is an international community of 6,700 top managers.

For more information, contact us:

email: info@ff.institute